Supply Chain Operation & Trade


Scot was created in 2008 as a supplier for companies operating in the field of collector’s items; in 2016 Scot acquired new and important clients for both ordinary and massive logistic management, as well as for e-commerce based companies.

Since its establishment in December 2008, Scot has become one of the main Piedmontese companies to operate in the field of logistics as well as production of envelopes exclusively for collectors and philately use.
Thanks to a number of qualified and certified partners, Scot is able to offer an excellent finished product by supervising all the various phases and therefore guaranteeing its absolute quality.
A broad experience in the management of “precision” logistics, as well as a wide range of organizational manufacturing skills and quality production of goods, are some of the main features that distinguish our company.


Outsourcing logistics

Scot offers the possibility to substitute a company’s logistics with a completely outsourced logistic plan giving the client the benefit of modifying the fixed costs into variable costs. Furthermore, we offer innovative technological solutions for warehouse management with relevant efficiency margins on the client’s final cost and therefore upgrading the efficiency of their logistic department.

We deal with third parties logistic management and transport planning.


The integration of the company’s information systems with the most performing WMS available on the market

The integration of the company’s information systems with the most performing WMS available on the market is one of the main advantages of our solutions and guarantees the efficiency of the processes both inside the warehouses as well as in the dialogue towards the EDI/WMS systems of clients and suppliers.
Our modularity allows to offer the client integrated logistical solutions with our WMS (in particular with WMS INCAS) or other solutions that integrate the client’s information systems with our own. Thanks to the experience, we are able to integrate our information systems with some of the latest ones in use by our clients, such as Navision, Sap, Mago, Concerto and As400.


Three machines in our company are addressed exclusively to the production of plastic stamp envelopes for collectors or for any other commodities sector. This gives us the chance to speed up and manage the various types of client requests since we can count on managing contemporarily different amounts and sizes.

The maximum productive capacity for each single machine is:

• Great – indicative productive capacity: 700 stamp envelopes per hour
• THF (number 2) indicative productive capacity: 1000 stamp envelopes per hour

Planning and development, with all-inclusive delivery, of the following types of products:

• Stamp envelopes exclusively for philatelic purpose

• Containment envelopes

• Various sized envelopes in PVC


Planning of personalized technical organizational solutions according to the client’s needs

• Identification and predisposition of adequate spaces according to the specific needs

• Information integration between management systems and WMS departments

•  Transportation organization according to the ideal conditions for each shipment, using the various partnerships specifically predefined for the project.

• Monitoring of the service level