Supply chain Operation
& Trade


Integrated logistics and e-commerce

Temperature controlled warehouses for beverages and wine

Production of stamp envelopes for philatelic purposes

Scot is specialized in logistics, production of stamp envelopes for philatelic purposes and is a partner of Sugarmania.


Scot was created in 2008 as a supplier for companies operating in the field of collector’s items; in 2016 Scot acquired new and important clients for both ordinary and massive logistic management, as well as for e-commerce based companies.

Outsourcing logistics and transports

Scot offers the possibility to substitute a company’s logistics with a completely outsourced logistic plan giving the client the benefit of modifying the fixed costs into variable costs.

Wine and liqueurs storage in temperature controlled warehouses

We are specialized in wine storage, also prestigious ones, thanks to our two temperature controlled environments and our e-commerce and e-business departments.

production of plastic stamp envelopes

Several machines in our company are addressed exclusively to the production of plastic stamp envelopes for collectors or for any other commodities sector.


E-commerce for cake design. Sugarmania: e-commerce perfect for domestic and professional bakery addicted.



We have seven warehouses available with specialized departments for e-commerce and management of sensitive materials or perishable goods. We offer personalized solutions according to your specific needs, becoming a partner for all your outsourcing logistic activities.


We are specialized in wine and liqueurs storage, thanks to air-conditioned areas, addressed specifically to the management of wines or sensitive/perishable goods.