We have seven warehouses available with specialized departments for e-commerce and management of sensitive materials or perishable goods. Through our warehouses, we can locate, manage and handle in total accuracy and full detail, all of the client’s materials. We manage different lots, both in terms of volumes as well as typology of products. Our main flagship is the management of small sized goods, perishables or with high value. We offer personalized solutions according to your specific needs, becoming a partner for all your outsourcing logistic activities.


Thanks to our partnership with various transportation companies, some of which are located directly inside our plants, we can guarantee our clients a fast and integrated service.


Scot in numbers

School books

Spare parts for the automotive industry

Philatelic and collector's item products

Wine bottles

Sporting goods

Electrical equipment

Fashion and accessories

Scot - Wine and liqueurs

Wine and liqueurs

We are specialized in wine storage thanks to our two temperature controlled environments and our e-commerce departments
The storage of wines, also prestigious ones, represents a challenge that few companies can deal with. Thanks to the integrated and automatization management, we can also deal with single requests. The bottles are kept in a special area where our technicians, in collaboration with an oenologist, guarantee a controlled environment for the ideal conservation of wines. This area is protected by special security systems and manages the logistics of tens of thousands of bottles each year. Every single bottle is digitally managed by “precise” logistic systems, which are also used in the field of e-commerce and e-business.

Wine bank

We manage the storage of fine wines and collectible wines for private customers and for investment funds.

E-commerce management

Daily and diversified orders for the management of e-commerce activities

We have addressed two of our warehouses to these activities, aimed at offering a precise and fast service for the orders that come directly from the web. The internal organization allows us to answer to all of the client’s latest requests by using fast and secure storage and picking list methods, that guarantee the shipment of very diverse type of lots, with single or multiple recipients in large quantities or single items. Thanks to the integration of our management systems with the shipments or the product preparation within 24hours, we are able to manage goods that are stocked and shipped without temporary regularity, as often occurs to web purchases.

Air conditioned environments

We have an air-conditioned area addressed specifically to the management of wines or sensitive/perishable goods

This warehouse has controlled temperature and humidity, aimed at guaranteeing the maximum level of security for the goods. High-end quality wines and foods find the perfect environment for being stored also for extended time. Important clients have entrusted us with the management of their products thanks to the high level of security we are able to guarantee. This technology allows us to manage stocking and shipping of both food products and electronic/pharmaceutical components that require storage in controlled environments.

Scot - Air conditioned environments